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Cage Ervie

Craster's Keep and the Iron Islands.

A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin

Jon's journey north with the nights watch has reached a new level of mystery and uncertainty. Craster's keep is its self is quite mysterious a small shack in the middle of the wilderness only populated by one man and his daughters... it's a little weird. Jon soon finds out that all the things that Craster is accused of being are true. One of Craster's daughter/wife's tells him that Craster gives the boys the others as a sort of trade for their safety. She also tells Jon that she is pregnant and whats him to take her and the baby south to the wall which Jon immediately refuses. On the stony shores to the south Theon Greyjoy is in Pyke awaiting his fathers orders and has been having some inner conflict about weather or not he is welcome home.