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Dead kings and girls being beaten by anointed knights

A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin

The night before the battle between Renly and Stannis beratheon, Lady Catlyn visted Renly in his tent. there Renly was being armored by Breane of Tarth they conversed about the the battle to come, Catlyn could leave a shadow figure appeared and took Renlys life. When the guards heard the commotion from outside they assumed Breane had killed him Breane dispatched the guards and her and Catlyn escaped. In kings landing Sansa had awoken to find herself in the tower of the hand. She remembered that she had been taken up there after she had beem beaten by Ser Meryn. Tyron Lannister had shown up to help before it got bad. Tyron came to her chamber to confront her about the day before and the victory Robb had won in the north. She Stressed that she wanted to go back to her own chamber so Tyron permitted it.