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Dany making hard discensions, lady Catlyn arrives at riverrrun, and Tryon almost gets mobbed by the citizens of kingslanding

A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin

We return to find Dany still having a hard time getting the Thirteen of Quath to support her with ships and soldiers. She has no luck with the Thirteen of Quath and askes Ser Jorah if it would be wise to go to the Warlocks of Quath. Jorah urges her against it but she decides she will anyways. In the river lands Catlyn Stark arrives at riverrun to learn her brother, Edmure Tully, is preparing to give Tywin Lannister. Catlyn tries to point out to him that he would be badly out numbered, but Edmure throughly believes in his plan and so do many of his lords. To the south in Kingslanding Tyron watches Princess myrcella leave for Dorne with the rest of the royal family. On their way back to the redkeep the crowds in the streets begin to attack the royal family. Several people in the escort where killed with Sansa stark being one of the missing. Tyron at this point had lost his nerve and slapped joffre who at the time was ordering that all of the people who had attack them should be executed. In the end the hound returned with Sansa in his arms. That is what has happened in A Clash Of Kings this week




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