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Cage Ervie

Davos sees things he'd rather not see.

A Clash of Kings - George R.R. Martin

          In this weeks installment of A Clash Of Kings Davos has a discussion with the king concerning his options on how to deal with the men held up in Storms End. They idea of siege is to long to them and a full assault could cost thousands of lives. Stannis finally tells Davos his plan which would require Davos to call upon his skills as a smuggler. Later that night Davos finds him self in a familer place rowing towards Storms End like he had once done back when Storms End had been under siege by House Tyrell. Only this time it was different cargo different, circumstances now he was smuggling the red priestess for what reason he did not know. On the way there they debated about theology and and the red ladies purpose in Stannis's ranks. When they finally arrived the red lady was on the ground giving birth to a darkness that Davos had never seen before. So that is what has happend this week in A Clash Of Kings.